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The Winner Babies of December Photo Contest

Like every month December 2013 chose its winner of Babynology Photo Contest. Since the inception of the baby photo contest, Babynology witnesses more than 13 lakh viewers every month. The selection has to go through many rounds of qualifications. Out of the eleven employees working for the site eight have been chosen specifically for this contest. They filter entire data and monitoring spam to stand near conclusion. This is the reason why Babynology is the most sought after site for parents.

Congratulation Harshit! You are winner of baby photo contest Dec. 2013 voting by public.
 This month two babies were chosen for their being photogenic and adorable looks. Indian baby boy Harshit Ramesh Manukonda has been chosen by public voting. Harshit has outshined others as the most voted baby for his naughty gestures and a cute red jacket on. His hair has been flying untamed and naturally. People from all over India and World have voted him for his looks and photo composition.

Congratulation Arianne! You are winner of baby photo contest Dec. 2013 voting by public.

Arianne Marie Lea Marie Alvarez is the winner by judge voting. She is an adorable little kid from the Philippines. Her crown cap studded with pink and white roses is her winning forte. The photographs have been taken in a natural way on the floor. Arianne is five months old and seems most cheerful among the other contestants.

Post by Jejiffer Maben (2014-01-10 10:35)

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